45 to 57 passenger coaches with reclining seats, restrooms and DVD player with multiple screens for comfortable travel.
WIFI available upon request. Fully climate controlled air conditioning system.


ADA equipped minibus with comfortable coach seating for long distance or shuttle.
DVD equipped for long trips or local corporate service.


Late model comfortable air conditioned vans with easy access steps for loading, suitable for shuttle or long distance travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your buses have restrooms?
  • Yes, our buses have restrooms; our sightseeing buses may not have a restroom. However most of the interior stops along the tour route have restrooms.

  • Do your buses have DVD?
  • Our chaeter buses are DVD equipped.

  • Do you have wheelchair accessible buses? Can I bring my wheelchair or scooter with me?
  • Our fleet includes a wheelchair lift equipped bus. Advanced request for such service is required. All About Town will accomodate persons with folding wheelchairs that can fit into the luggage compartments of the bus. Power driven mechanical wheelchairs and scooters are too large and heavy for drivers to lift, so please ask if our lift bus is available for our tour date.